Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bassbin with Arj and Double1seven Episode 3 - 7/8/09

Another week, another Friday night and more grime than an unkempt bathroom.

The Bassbin Tracklisting August 7th

Rusko - Jahova
Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend [High Contrast Remix]
Jewel Kid - Break My Heart [Computer Club Remix]
Bassnectar - Land of the Lupes
Survival - Still Don't Know
Heretik - Lone Runner

[Double1seven in the Mix]
Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Roll Player
Dopamine - Spunk
Meat Katie - Cracks
Mesmer - Weird Funk [Dopamine Remix]
Jaimie Fanatic & Jesse Vorn - Radio Speaker [defunkt! Remix]
Rico Tubbs - Slap The Bass [Audio Stalkers Remix]

[Arj in the Mix]
Johnny L - Microdaze
Serum - Go For Yours
Wickaman - Subtub
Nu:Tone - Deep Old
SPY - Acid Drops
Mindscape - Like A Rag
Danny Breaks - Volume 1 [Logistics Remix]

[The Vault]
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares [Foul Play VIP]
Hybrid - Visible Noise

Vandal & Hyper - Fugazi [Vandal Remix]
Tactica - Valvular [Karton Remix]
Dilemn - Don't Panic
Survival - Walk On By
Agent X ft. Mutya & Ultra - Fallin [Matrix & Futurebound Remix]


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