Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Bassbin with ARJ and Double1seven Episode 13

The Bassbin DJs are taking some time off in the silly season to get all jiggy with it. We'll be back in Mid-December to wrap up what has been an awesome six months on the airwaves with everything from pinapple totting superstar DJs through some pretty radical remixes. Stay tuned and hold tight to your bass bins. This week we wrap up our feature of Trei's Innuendo album and playlist some pretty sweet tunes from some of the best in the business. CHK CHK BOOM!

The Bassbin Tracklisting

  1. The Temper Trap - Fader [Jakwob Remix]
  2. Leon Jean Marie - Bring it on [Rusko Remix]
  3. Nu:Tone - Battle Theme
  4. Ctrl Z vs Freestylers - Ruffneck [Rack'n'Ruin Remix]
  5. Vicious Circle - Havana
  6. Trei - No Vacancy
  7. Marcus Intalex - Airborne
  8. Imogen Heap - Headlock [High Contrast Remix]
  9. Trei - Day Away
  10. General Midi - Get it Down ft. Whiskey Pete [General Midi Re-Edit]
  11. Bassbin Twins - Ruffest
  12. Liz Melody - Skeptical [Karton Remix]
  13. Camo and Krooked - Mindset
  14. Evil Nine - They Live [TC Remix]
  15. Total Science - Nosher [Marky and SPY Remix]
  16. Burial - Archangel [Mt Eden Dubstep Remix]
  17. Alix Perez - 1984
  18. Moby - Porcelain [Atlantic Connection Remix]
  19. Chris Su - First Snow
  20. Trei - Something
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Bassbin with ARJ and Double1seven Episode 12

A couple of weeks later and some interesting recording faults left us with more than we bargained for. Some great music in this weeks show and all the usual bassbin studio debauchery. This show has got more mixes than a coked up dnb DJ! Now that is Mathive fo' real!

The Bassbin Tracklisting

1. Filthy Dukes - Messages [Brookes Brothers]
2. Subwave - Stars Get Down
3. Mistabishi - Enimies of Dorothy
4. PANTyRAiD - Upset
5. American Warewolf - You and Me [Furlonge Remix]
6. Moving Fusion, Shimon and Ant Miles - Pimp Slap
7. Fake Blood - Mars [Herve Remix]
8. Wiley - Wearing My Rolex [Utah Jazz Remix]
9. PANTyRAiD - Our Second Chance
10. Caspa - Louder
11. Freeland - Under Control [Alex Metric Remix]
12. Moby - One Time We Lived [Matrix and Futurebound Remix]
13. Basement Jaxx - Twerk ft. Yo Majesty
14. Mutt - Conversations ft. Kevin King
15. Dave Spoon - Lummox [Plump DJs Remix]
16. Basement Jaxx - Feelings Gone ft. Sam Sparro [Spor Remix]
17. Daft Punk - Around The World [Kid Dub Remix]
18. PANTyRAiD - One Mo!
19. Calculon - Road Less Travelled
20. Muse - Knights of Caledonia [Ocelot Remix]
21. Nu:Tone - Battle Theme
22. Breakage - Higher

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Bassbin with ARJ and Double1seven Episode 11

It's been a while, but we've finally updated the podcast and blog. Huge show this week with everything from forgotten power supplys through to some seriously cranking breakbeat. We know you're going to dig this.

The Bassbin Tracklisting

Phetsta and Shockone - The Sun 2009 VIP
[ALBUM FEATURE] Logistics - Salvation
Caged Baby - Forced [Foamo Remix]

[ARJ's Archival Awesomeness]
Break - Breathless
Klute + Silent Witness - Cowpoke
Calyx + Gridlok - Are You Ready?
Phetsta - Start The Riot VIP
Calyx - Dead Ringer
Tactile - Spacedout
Hive - Neo (Dom & Roland Remix)
?? - ??
C4C - Carrier (Gridlok Remix)
Pendulum - Ulterior Motive

[Double1Seven's 20 Minutes of Drum and Bass Powaarrghh]
Fort Knox Five - Uptown [Shimon's Trix Remix]
State of Mind and Chris Su - Hoodoo
Agent X - Fallin' [Matrix and Futurebound Remix]
Spor - Aztec
Logistics - Warehouse
Trei - Justify
Apex - Space Between Us
Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar [Brookes Brothers Remix]

Splitloop - Side to Side
DJ Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky [Deekline and Tim Healey Remix]
Bat For Lashes - Pearls Dream - [Skreams Pour Another Glass of Champers Remix]
Dizzee Rascal - Bad behaviour
Randomer - Rough Sex
[ALBUM FEATURE] Logistics - Repetition
Discosythetique - Vibrate [Freeflow 45 Remix]
Frizz[NOISIA] - Going Up
Mars - Samurai [Karl Sav Remix]
Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent
Deekline and Wizard - Angels [NAPT Remix]

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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Beat Collective present: After Hours Party

Another year has passed and the excitement of completing another year of university might be too much for revellers at the 2009 End of Semester party at Edith Cowan University.

The Beat Collective, Western Australia’s only not-for-profit DJing organisation, has found the venue and the DJs that will make the End of Semester bash look as exciting as tea and scones with your grandparents.

Who: The Beat Collective
What: End of Semester After Party
When: Friday October 30 10.30pm - late
Where: Sound Suite Recording Studios [140 Railway Parade, Bassendean]
How Much: $10 students, $15 non-students. Ladies 2 for 1!

With a stellar line up of Beat Collective residents, including: Fizz KevT Sauce Promotions’ SA_Specand a special guest appearance from Hype FM’s Bassbin DJs!

After Hours will be the best place to kick on once the End of Semester parties draw to a close.Transport will be a breeze with shuttle buses to and from the venue throughout the night and Ashfield train station but a stones throw away. If this was not enough to seal the deal The Beat Collective will also be supplying snacks and a cold beverage or six for anyone willing to get down and party like it is 2009!

The Beat Collective never discriminate so even if you didn’t attend the End of Semester bash, or don’t attend University altogether, we would love to see you and your best bass face in the middle of the dance floor.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Bassbin with ARJ & Double1seven Episode 10 ft. yLem [2/10/2009]

A very special appearance from yLem, one of Perth's leading dubstep producers, marks The Bassbin Shows 10th podcast. With over 35 tracks of wicked dubstep, drum and bass and some crunked out pubstep make this show one of our favourites to date.

The Bassbin Tracklisting

1. Body and Soul, Camo and Krooked - The Reward
2. Lodistics - Jungle Music
3. Dynamic Stab - Southern Cyclone
4. Kiwa - Drop Control [Rektchordz Remix]

[yLem Guest Mix]
5. The Widdler - Alias
6. Search & Destroy - Day Break
7. Droid Sector - Abandoned
8. Ekaj & Nephilim - Jokah (VIP)
9. Subscape - Slow Moe
10. Mistabishi - Printer Jam (Barbarix Remix)
11. Vaski - Terror Dome
12. Broken Note - Crux
13. Ylem - S.O.S.
14. Excision & Datsik - Calypso
15. Reso - Beasts in the Basement
16. The Widdler - Final Stage
17. Reso - Busted Crunk
18. Ylem - Rainy Days
19. Ylem - Jugular Rumble
20. Richie August - Smash Dat
21. Nero - Bad Trip (Bar9 Remix)
22. Zeno & Chewie - On Point
23. Apex - Corruptive Souls
24. Ylem - Fantastic Planet
25. Ylem - Daybreak
26. Bleedthru - We Sell for Less (Ylem Remix)
27. Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved (Ylem Remix)
28. Neheun - 7am
29. L-Wiz - Sub
30. Ylem - OZ Shed

31. Logistics - Warehouse
32. Rennie Pilgrem - Rich Rule Us [Beatmonkeys Remix]
33. General MIDI - 4 Million Ways
34. Drumattic Twins - Don't Be So Drumattic
35. Dub & Run - Weekend Wars
36. PANTyRAiD - Beba

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The Bassbin with ARJ & Double1seven Episode 9 [25/09/2009]

Everything from dubstep through old school jungle vibes represented to the fullest on this weeks show. Can someone say fresh?

The Bassbin Tracklisting

Akira Kentashi – Boom N Pow
Major Lazer – Lazers Theme
Logistics – Muderation
Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy [Z-Trip Hellrazor Remix]
NAPT - Make My Day ft. Louise Marshall
Deekline & Wizard - Back Up [Krafty Kuts Remix]

[The Vault]
Wolfgang Gartner – 5th Symphony
Peter Bouncer and Rebel MC - Junglist [DJ Zinc Remix]

[117's Top 3 Dubstepizzle Alternatives]
The Others - Splinter In My Soul
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
NAPT - Time You Realised

[Arj's Sexy Selcshun]
Ils - Loving You [Atomic Hooligan Remix]
Heretik - Lone Runner
Rogue Element - Sidewinder
Phat Riderz, Lowkey, Kardinal & Dilemn - Stopless [Phat Riderz Remix]
Fukkk Off - Rave Is King [Le Castle Vania Remix]
Hustle Athletics - Fearless Funk
Slyde - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Logistics – Raygun
Break - Winter Sun
Bloody Beetroots – Warp Ft Steve Aoki
Phetsta AND Shockone - The Sun 2009
Zyon Base & Hobzee - Sad Song

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bassbin with ARJ & Double1seven Episode 8 [18/09/2009]

A jam packed show this week with plenty of genres represented and it doesn't matter what you are into we know you are going to dig this.

The Bassbin Tracklisting

Break - Walk
Stanton Warriors - Precinct
Joker and Ginz - Purple City
NAPT - Time You Realised
Far Too Loud and Code Zero - Blackout [Headphonics Remix]
Rregula - Shadow People

[The Vault]
Dopamine - Hold You
Teebee - Liquid Light

Crookers Mini Mix

[Double1's Top 3 Drum and Bass Smashers]
3. The Qemists ft. Deviln Love - S.W.A.G. [Interface Remix]
2. Morebeat and Rido - Icarus Project
1. Bulletproof, Nymfo, Teknik - 3 of A Kind

Ylem - The Hunted
Grand Puba - Get It [Reso Remix]
Bloody Beetroots - Harvest Time
Fort Knox Five ft. Mustafa Akbar - Uptown Tricks [Shimon Remix]
Tittsworth - WTF ft. Kid Sister and Pase Rock [Tim Healey and Deekline Remix]
Wolfgang Gartner - Fire Power
Logistics - Transporter
Spectrasoul ft. Mike Knight - Melodies

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Bassbin with ARJ & Double1seven Episode 7 [4/11/2009]

Double1seven flys solo through some wondrous soundscapes while Adri engages himself with the laneways of Australia's scarf infested Melbourne.

The Bassbin Tracklisting

16bit - Jump
Stanton Warriors - Precinct
State of Mind - Insecticide
Bassbin Twins - Ruffest
Sub Focus - Follow The Light
Trei - Livewire
Cell, Data - Doors of Perception
Cern - Eastern Gates
General Midi - Kickbox

[Double1's Half Hour of Drum and Bass Power]
Telemtrik - Cosmos
Spor - As Dust Falls
State of Mind - Insecticide
Fort Knox Five ft. Mustafa - Uptown Tricks [Shimon Remix]
Menace and Dose - Pick Up
Break - Re-Tech
London Elektricity - Just One Second [Apex Remix]
Lomax and Bcee - Regulate
Nu:Tone - Balaclava in my System
Logistics - Reality Checkpoint
Alix Perez - Down The Line [Break Remix]

Bitrok - Digital Rhythm [Dopamine Remix]
Jack Beats - UFO [K-Hole Riddim Mix]
Spor - Aztec
Sub Scape - Nothings Wrong
Cutworks - She's Leaving

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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Bassbin with ARJ and Double1seven Episode 6 [28/08/09]

A massive show featuring all the usual Bassbin shizzle. Plenty of reminiscing on this episode.

The Bassbin Tracklisting for August

DJ Shadow - The Number Song
Sub Focus - Rock It
SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross
DJ Rectanlge - Turn Table Terror
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares [Afghan Headspin Remix]
The Bloody Beetroots - Butter

[The Vault]
Klute - Part Of Me
Raiden - Fallin'

[double1seven in the mix - Funk'a'riffic Sex-tet of 12" Black Things]

Ali B and The Jungle Brothers - Beats on a String
Fort Knox Five - Radio DC [A.Skillz and Krafty Kutz Remix]
Nick Thayer - Keep It Locked
Kraak and Smaak ft. Ben Westbeech - Squeeze Me
A.Skillz and Krafty Kuts - Ain't It Funky ft. Ashley Slater
Chase and Status ft. Kano - Against All Odds
All Good Funk Alliance - Avance!

[arj in the mix]
The Funktastics - Private World
Mutt - I Used To
Break - Enigma [Calibre Remix]
Break - Lightspeed
Commix - How You Gonna Feel
Atlantic Connection - What Would Happen

Bassbin Twins - Roller Choon
Reead - Nobody's Innocent [Introspective Remix]
Dylan Rymes - Kemptown ft. Pablo Decoder [meat katie remix]
London Elektricity - Just One Second [Apex Remix]
Mistabishi - View From Nowhere

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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Bassbin with ARJ & Double1seven Episode 5 [21/08/09]

Another bass heavy week awaits with album feature Bop "Clear Your Mind" and a fresh track from up and coming perth artists Ekko & Sidetrack in "Coming On Strong"

Tracklisting For August 21

Bassbin Twins - Whiste Choon
BBB - We Appreciate
Klaxons - Golden Skans (SebastiAn Remix)

[Local Artist Feature]
Ekko & Sidetrack - Coming On Strong

Bop - Zakoulki Soznaniya
Michael Jackson - Butterflies [A Sides Tribute]
Burial Ð Archangel

[The Vault]
Dynamo Productions - Get It Together [Fort Knox Five Remix]
Booka Shade Ð In White Rooms

[Double1seven's 'D' is for Danger Dubstep Misadventure]
Black Sun Empire - Dyneema
Skism - The Blank [16Bit Remix]
Kid Simple - Simplify
Bassbin Twins - Roller Choon
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition [Doorly Remix]
Nero - Night Thunder

[Arj's Drummond Bass Delights]
Shapeshifter - Bring Change [The Upbeats Remix]
Commix - Strictly
Friction + KTee - Untitled Blues
Commix - Painted Smile
Lynx - Distance Zero
J Rawls & Middle Child - Music Over Madness [Zero Tolerance Remix]
Funktastics - Moanin'

Bop - I Found You

[The Donk Award]
Calvin Harris spits the dummy.

Beastie Boys - Get It Together (Remix ft Q-Tip)


Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Bassbin with Arj and Double1Seven Episode 4 [14/08/2009]

Here we go again. Dubstep, drum and bass and more for all your sub-bass needs and desires.

The Bassbin Tracklisting

N.A.S.A. - Strange Enough (Designer Drugs Remix)
Bloc Party - Trojan Horse (John B Remix)
FM Attack - Sleepless Nights
Bop - Clear Your Mind
Alix Perez - Down The Line [Break Remix]
Bob Marley - Is This Love (Logik Dubstep Remix)

[The Vault]
Sonic Animation - Theophilus Thistler
Chase & Status - Love's Theme

[Arj B2B Double1seven Live in the Mix]
Fourward - Silver
Spor - Silver Spaceman
Xample ft. Lomax - Contra
Total Science - Archive
Spectrasoul - Organiser
Proxima - Critical Force
MTMS - Rubber Room
Resound - Stay The Night
DJ Marky and Bungle - Primetime
Dabs - Crawler
Beyonce - Naughty Girl [Kiko Remix]
LAOS - Something In The Air

Bop - Forms, Ideas & Chips
Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy
Florence And The Machine - Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
Peyo and SKS - Without You


Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bassbin with Arj and Double1seven Episode 3 - 7/8/09

Another week, another Friday night and more grime than an unkempt bathroom.

The Bassbin Tracklisting August 7th

Rusko - Jahova
Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend [High Contrast Remix]
Jewel Kid - Break My Heart [Computer Club Remix]
Bassnectar - Land of the Lupes
Survival - Still Don't Know
Heretik - Lone Runner

[Double1seven in the Mix]
Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Roll Player
Dopamine - Spunk
Meat Katie - Cracks
Mesmer - Weird Funk [Dopamine Remix]
Jaimie Fanatic & Jesse Vorn - Radio Speaker [defunkt! Remix]
Rico Tubbs - Slap The Bass [Audio Stalkers Remix]

[Arj in the Mix]
Johnny L - Microdaze
Serum - Go For Yours
Wickaman - Subtub
Nu:Tone - Deep Old
SPY - Acid Drops
Mindscape - Like A Rag
Danny Breaks - Volume 1 [Logistics Remix]

[The Vault]
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares [Foul Play VIP]
Hybrid - Visible Noise

Vandal & Hyper - Fugazi [Vandal Remix]
Tactica - Valvular [Karton Remix]
Dilemn - Don't Panic
Survival - Walk On By
Agent X ft. Mutya & Ultra - Fallin [Matrix & Futurebound Remix]


The Bassbin with Arj and Double1seven Episode 2 - 31/7/09

Back for another week on Perth's Hype FM with a whole stack of new music.

The Bassbin Tracklisting July 31st

Fatboy Slim - Star 69 [Rogue Element Remix]
Lee Coombs - Right Now ft. Uberzone [Dopamine Remix]
Survival ft. Instra:mental - Heeding The Sign
Bassnectar - Kingston Town Bootleg
Sub Focus - Follow The Light
Noisia - Groundhog

[The Vault]

D.Bridge and DJ Fierce - Twilight
Fatboy Slim - Acid 8000

[ARJ & Double1seven Live in the Mix]
Danny Byrd and MC Foxy - Planet Music VIP
>> Nu:Tone - Missing Link
Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down
DC Breaks - Flashback
Agent Alvin - Drift Away
Xample ft. Lomax - Contra
Syncopix - Mr Resident
L Plus - Middle East Sun
Agent X ft. Mutya and Ultra - Fallin [Matrix & Futurebound Remix]
Nu:Tone - Is It Alive
Kelis - Milkshake (Kiko Remix)
Logistics - Spotlight
Bassface Sascha - Funky Town
Logistics - Daybreak Sequence
Mathematics - Soul Shayka
High Contrast - Global Love
Nu:Tone - Deep Old
Funktastics - World
SPY - Acid Drops
Trei - Justify
Apex ft. Ayah - Space Between Us
Shinichi Osawa - Star Guitar [Brookes Brothers Remix]
Sigma - Paint It Black
Muffler - Hear Me Scream

[The Donk Award]
Jeremy Clarkson - Beat Box [Worst Electro Track EVA Remix]

Bassnectar - Superstylin Bootleg

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Bassbin with Arj and Double1seven Episode 1 featuring 2 Fat DJs - 24/7/09

The Bassbin DJs are joined by Perth's 2FatDJs for 2 hours of debaucherous electronica from all sides of the musical spectrum.

The Bassbin - Tracklisting July 24th Feat. 2FatDJs

Fort Knox Five - Uptown [Shimon remix]
Furlonge - High Commission
General Midi - When I Rock

2FatDJs Guest Mix

Agent Alvin - Drift Away
General Midi - Poker Face
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition [Doorly Remix]
Digital Hunters - Red Glass
D.Bridge - Wonder Where
Adelle - Hometown Glory [dubstep remix]


Friday, July 31, 2009

Bassbin DJs hit Shape nightclub tonight!

Catch Bassbin DJs arj and double1seven for some liquid infused party vibes from 1:30am - close tonight, at one of Perth's premiere weekly drum and bass nights - The Cube!

And don't forget local hero - the mighty g-pack!

10-11: Dart
11-12: Osiris
12-1:30: Greg Packer
1:30-close: Double-1-Seven b2b Arj

Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Bassbin Presents: 2 Fat DJs

Ahead of the release of their very own Heatstroke EP Perth's very own 2Fat DJs will be dropping into the Hype FM studios to give the people of Perth a delictable selection of beats and basslines on July 24 from 9pm.

As the brains behind all Bass Botique events the 2FatDJs know what it takes to get people off their booties and heading to the dancefloor to loose themselves in the music.

With their Heatstroke EP Launch Party right around the corner on July 30 there has never been a better time to get to know two of Perth's very best DJs.

With a sound impossible to pigeon-hole and a diverse range of influences stretching through nearly every genre imaginable, Perth's 2FatDJs will have you moving for all the right reasons wherever you find yourself on Friday July 24 from 9pm.


Check out 2FatDJs on...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hold Tight For A Bass Culture Explosion

An exciting new radio show, The Bassbin, will be hitting the airwaves of Perth’s Hype FM 101.7 to give the people of Perth their weekly fix of underground electronica.

The Bassbin will encompass the very best drum and bass, dubstep, breakbeat, electro and everything in between from producers in Perth, Australia and abroad each and every Friday night from 9pm until 11pm.

Hosted and produced by Adri Jones, aka Arj, and James Broadhurst, aka Double1seven, who have over a decade of DJing experience between them, The Bassbin will deliver a sterling collection of new and classic tunes from across the entire dance music spectrum on a weekly basis.

With a comprehensive mix of fresh and established DJing and production talent from Perth and Australia locked and loaded over the coming months The Bassbin will keep Perth punters happy, regardless of their musical persuasions.

Top-notch productions from the worlds finest beat makers will be on the table and with competitions, album reviews and plenty more on The Bassbin’s agenda this is going to be one show on Hype FM you won’t want to miss.


Listen to our intro below.